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Johnson Controls T-3102 Heating Cooling Deadband Thermostat

Heating Cooling Deadband Thermostat

The T-3102 Heating Cooling Deadband Thermostat modulates heating and cooling controlled devices, based on space temperature variations in terminal air conditioning units. An adjustable pressure regulator provides a deadband between heating and cooling modes, eliminating heating and cooling overlap.

• includes a protective snap-on cover that allows easy access to the deadband and output pressure settings
• windows on the external set point knob display the separate heating and cooling set points
• liquid filled bulb element provides direct proportional relationship between temperature and output pressure
• factory calibrated at 68°F (20°C) for heating and 78°F (26°C) for cooling
• mounts in any position

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Cat #Descriptions
T-3102-1Heating Cooling Deadband Thermostat

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