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Johnson Controls S352 Pressure Stage Module

Pressure Stage Module

The S352 Stage Module is used in conjunction with the P352 On/Off Pressure Control to add multi-stage capability. Using a Y350R, up to five S352s can be added to the P352 via the 5-pin plug-together connector. Using a 40 VA or greater external transformer, up to nine S352s can be added. The S352 has a SPDT output relay and three adjustments including offset (stage setpoint), differential and mode (reverse or direct acting).



• reverse or direct acting mode, field selectable
• adjustable differential and offset
• 5-pin connector for easy installation




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Cat #OutputDifferential AdjustmentOffset Adjustment
S352AA-2CSPDT Relay2 to 50 psi2 to 50 psi
Differential Range: 2 to 50 psi
Offset Range: 2 to 50 psi
Supply Voltage: 24 volt power supply provided by P352 or Y350R
Power Consumption: 1 VA Maximum
Ambient Temperature: Operating -30 to 150°F (-34 to 66°C)
Shipping -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C)
Humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Relay: SPDT enclosed relays. Contacts rated at 10 amp non-inductive, 1/2 hp, 120/240 VAC
Case and Cover Material: NEMA 1, high-impact thermoplastic
Mounting: Wall or DIN Rail

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