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Johnson Controls S-2300 Pneumatic Selector Switch

Pneumatic Selector Switch

The S-2300 Pneumatic Selector Switch provides manual switching of air in pneumatic control systems.
Refer to S-2300 Pneumatic Selector Switch Product Bulletin (LIT-7171380) for important product information.

• available in five models
• field programmable for two-, three-, or four- position switching
• furnished with a four window switchplate assembly and a complete set of selfadhesive service labels
• provided with two switchplate window blanks and a stop pin for field programming the number of switching positions required
• furnished with barbed fittings for 1/4 in. O.D. polytubing
• mounts on a panel
• two optional wall mounting kits available:
- S-232-503 Single Selector Switch Wallbox Kit
- S-232-504 Double Selector Switch Wallbox Kit

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Cat #Descriptions
S-2300-1Five Ports All Switching
S-2300-2Five Ports One Exhausting, Two Pairs Switching
S-2300-3Five Ports Three Holding, One Pair Switching
S-2300-4Five Ports Three Exhausting, One Pair Switching
S-2300-5Five Ports One Holding, Two Pairs Switching

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