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Johnson Controls S-224 Pneumatic Gradual Switch

Pneumatic Gradual Switch

The S-224 Pneumatic Gradual Switch provides manual selection of the pressure in air lines from a remote location. The S-224 is a proportional action relay type switch, which will maintain a selected output pressure setting until it is readjusted. Refer to S-224 Pneumatic Gradual Switch Product Bulletin (LIT-7171370P) and S-224 Gradual Switch Dials Construction Bulletin (LIT-7171370X) for important product information.

• adjustable setting from 0 to 20 psig (140 kPa)
• available with 2 psig (14 kPa) span per dial revolution of 300 angular degrees, which can be set anywhere between the 0 to 20 psig
• graduated dials are available with various inscriptions to adapt the switches to a broad range of functions
• mounts flush on a control panel with a maximum thickness of 1-1/16 inch (27 mm)

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Cat #DescriptionsType
S-224-1¹20 psi SpanSpan per 300° knob rotation with range of 0 to 20 psig:
S-224-22 psi (Adjustable over Range)Span per 300° knob rotation with range of 0 to 20 psig:

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