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Johnson Controls H-4100 Pneumatic Room Humidistat

Pneumatic Room Humidistat

The H-4100 Pneumatic Room Humidistat provides a proportional output signal to modulate pneumatically controlled devices in response to changes in relative humidity. The humidistat can be ordered in direct or reverse acting models.

• includes a Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) sensing element • features a shock and vibration resistant mechanism for accurate output pressure changes in response to humidity changes • includes a volume amplifier providing faster response time and an output flow capacity of 400 SCIM (190 mL/s) • mounts horizontally or vertically • air connections are made to barbed fittings for 5/32 in. O.D. polytubing • mounts on virtually any wall surface with available accessories • use with T-4000 covers

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Cat #Descriptions
H-4100-201Direct Acting
H-4100-203Reverse Acting

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