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Johnson Controls D351 Humidity Display Module

Humidity Display Module

The D351 Digital Display Module is used in conjunction with the W351 and W351P Humidity Controls. A 3-digit LCD display provides continuous readout of the actual humidity sensed by the HE-67S3-0N0BT or HE-67S3-0N00P Series Humidity Transmitters. By pressing and holding the setpoint button for three seconds, the humidity setpoint will be displayed.




• display of actual space humidity and setpoint
• remote display mounting with WHA29A cable (up to 50 ft)
• 5-pin connectors eliminate wiring between modules




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Cat #Display CharacterDisplay Range (% RH)
D351AA-1C0.35 in. LCD10 to 90% RH
Read-out: 3-Digit LCD continuous display
Supply Voltage: 12 VDC provided by the W351 Humidity Control
Mounting: Wall or DIN Rail
Ambient Temperature: Operating -30 to 150°F (-34 to 66°C)
Shipping -40 to 167°F (-40 to 75°C)
Ambient Humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Case and Cover Material: NEMA 1, high-impact thermoplastic

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