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Johnson Controls D350 Series Temperature Display Module

Temperature Display Module
D350 Series

The D350 Digital Display Module is used in conjunction with the A350, A350E, A350P, and A350R series temperature controls. A 3-digit LCD display provides continuous read-out of the actual space temperature. By pressing and holding the setpoint button for three seconds, the actual setpoint can also be displayed.



• display of actual space temperature and setpoint
• remote display mounting with WHA29A cable (up to 50 ft)
• snap-together, 5-pin connector for easy installation



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Cat #Display Range (°F/°C)Display Character
D350AA-1C-30 to 250°F0.35 in. LCD
D350BA-1C-34 to 121°C0.35 in. LCD
Product: D350AA Temperature module with Fahrenheit scale
D350BA Temperature module with Celsius scale
Case and Cover Material: NEMA 1, high-impact thermoplastic
Read-out: 3-digit LCD (Liquid Crystal) continuous display
Supply Voltage: 5 VDC provided by the temperature control
Ambient Temperature: Operating -30 to 140°F (-34 to 60°C)
Shipping -40 to 167°F (-40 to 75°C)
Humidity: 0 to 95% RH non-condensing
Mounting: Surface or DIN rail

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