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Johnson Controls C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator

Two-Position Cumulator

The C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator provides a two-position output signal from a proportional input signal. The output can be powered by either the supply pressure or the input signal. The appropriate configuration is chosen in the field. Refer to C-9504 Two-Position Cumulator Product Bulletin (LIT-7171450) for important product information.

• adjust high (cut-in) and low (cut-out) settings independently
• includes two pressure regulators for adjusting high and low set points

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Cat #Descriptions
C-9504-1Two-Position Cumulator
Input Pressure 0 to 25 psig (0 to 175 kPa)
Supply Pressure 20 psi (140 kPa) Nominal, 25 psi (175 kPa) Maximum
Minimum Differential 0.5 PSI (3.5 kPa)
Factory Set Points Cut-In 1 psi (7 kPa)
Cut-Out Approximately 8.5 psig (60 kPa)
Adjustments (Nominal 20 psig supply) Cut-In 4.5 psig (32 kPa) to 1 psig (7 kPa) Below the Supply or Input, Factory Set at Approximately 9 psig (63 kPa)
Cut-Out 0.5 psig (3.5 kPa) Below the Cut-In Pressure Down to 4.0 psig (28 kPa), Factory Set at Approximately 8.5 psig (60 kPa)
Supply Configured Output Capacity 45 SCIM (12.3 mL/s)
Input Configured Output Capacity 2 to 8 SCIM (0.5 to 2.2 mL/s)

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