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Johnson Controls C-9500 Two-Position Pilot Cumulator

Two-Position Pilot Cumulator

The C-9500 Two-Position Pilot Cumulator switches its output from zero to full input pressure at a pre-selected pressure. The cumulator provides for two-position action from a proportional control signal. Refer to C-9500-1 Two-Position Pilot Cumulator Product Bulletin (LIT-7171445) for importnt product information.

• adjustable setpoint and differential
• factory calibrated for quick installation

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Cat #Descriptions
C-9500-1Two-Position Pilot Cumulator
Factory Calibrated Set Point 9 psig (63 kPa)
Set Point Adjustable From 4 to 20 psig (28 to 140 kPa)
Differential Adjustable From 1 to 7.5 psi (7 to 52.5 kPa)
Factory Calibrated Differential 1 psi (7 kPa)

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