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Johnson Controls C-9200 Pneumatic Sequencing Cumulator

Pneumatic Sequencing Cumulator

The C-9200 Pneumatic Sequencing Cumulator provides sequential operation of controlled devices that are operated by the same control signal. The cumulator may also be used to correct changes in spring ranges of controlled devices caused by pressure or other external forces. Refer to C-9200 Pneumatic Sequencing Cumulator Product Bulletin (LIT-7171440) for important product information.

• output can be reduced below input
• used in high output applications

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Cat #Descriptions
C-9200-1Pneumatic Sequencing Cumulator
Input Pressure 0 to 20 psig (0 to 140 kPa) 25 psig (175 kPa) Maximum
Factory Calibrated Offset 5 psig (35 kPa)
Offset Adjustable From 2 to 9 psig (7 to 63 kPa)

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