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Johnson Controls C-5222 Adding/Subtracting Repeater

Adding/Subtracting Repeater

The C-5222 Adding/Subtracting Repeater is a low volume output auxiliary device designed to increase or decrease the output pressure of a transmitter at a constant ratio. Models are available with a 1:1 or 5:1 ratio. Refer to C-5222 Adding/Subtract Repeater Product Bulletin (LIT-7171425) for important product information.

• adjustable starting points: - 1:1 ratio model can be biased from +5 to -8 PSI (+35 to -56 kPa) - 5:1 ratio model can be biased from +5 to -13 PSI (+35 to -91 kPa)
• easily mounted with an optional mounting base kit

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Cat #Descriptions
C-5222-1C-5222 Adding/Subtracting Repeater 1:1 Ratio
C-5222-3C-5222 Adding/Subtracting Repeater 5:1 Ratio
Action Proportional; Direct Acting
Input Pressure 25 psig (175 kPa) Maximum
Mounting In-Line or Panel

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