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Johnson Controls C-2040 Averaging Cumulator

Averaging Cumulator

The C-2040 Averaging Cumulator is a low volume output device designed to operate a controlled device or receiver-controller by averaging the output signals of two, three, or four controllers or transmitters. The Cumulator produces an output signal equal to the average of the input signals. Refer to C-2040 Averaging Cumulator Product Bulletin (LIT-7171410) for important product information.

• operates with up to four receivercontrollers
• averages the output pressure of four controllers or transmitters

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Cat #Descriptions
C-2040-1Averaging Cumulator
Supply Pressure Maximum of 25 psig (175 kPa)
Input Pressure 0 to 20 psig (0 to 140 kPa) from Two, Three, or Four Controllers or Transmitters

± 0.6 psi (4.2 kPa) @ 10 psi (70 kPa) Pilot Differential

Air Connections Barbed Fittings for 5/32 in. O.D. Polytubing

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