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Johnson Controls Accessories Model C-9506 Air Switching Cumulator

Air Switching Cumulator
Accessories Model C-9506

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Cat #Descriptions
T-3100-6005Supply Inlet Filter, Order in Multiplies of 50
R-3710-3107Restrictor Tee
T-271-6000Knob (Package of 2)
T-275-100Bulb Holder
T-4002-600Control Port
T-275-6002Element Assembly Remote “B” Bulb
Action: Two Position DA
Switch Point: Adjustable from 2 to 12 psig
(14 to 84 kPa)
Factory Set at 9 psig (63 kPa)
Differential: 1 psig (7 kPa)
Maximum Supply Pressure: 25 psig (175 kPa)

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