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Johnson Controls Accessories Model C-2220 High-Low Pressure Selector

High-Low Pressure Selector
Accessories Model C-2220

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Cat #Descriptions
A-4000-1037Inline Air Supply Filter (Recommended for Heavily Contaminated Air Supply Systems)
F-300Series Straight Couplers
F-1000Series Sealing Caps
P-3800-600Replacement Filter/Orifice Assembly
Signal Limits: Output: 1 to 19 psig (7 to 133 kPa) at 25 scm (7mL/S)
Input: 0 to 25 psig (0 to 175 kPa)
Supply Pressure: 20 psig (140kPa) Nominal; 25 psig (175 kPa) Maximum

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