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Johnson Controls A350R Electronic Temperature Reset Control (with Relay)

Electronic Temperature Reset Control (with Relay)

The A350R Reset Controller is designed to raise or lower the setpoint of supply water temperature based upon a proportionate drop or rise in temperature at the master (outdoor) sensor. The control output is a Single-Pole, Single-Throw (SPST) normally open relay with Light-Emitting Diode (LED) indication. The adjustable differential enables the user to match the amount of control (maximum to minimum) required for a given application. An adjustable reset ratio adapts to a variety of weather zones and to the specific heat loss characteristics of most buildings. As with all System 350 products, the A350R is housed in a NEMA 1, high-impact plastic enclosure. The modular design provides easy, plug-together connections for quick installation and future expandability.

• modular design enables stage, display, and transformer modules to be purchased and installed as necessary
• adjustable master reset setpoint (M.R.S.) enables the user to select a master (outdoor) sensor temperature starting point for the supply reset ramp
• adjustable minimum and maximum supply temperature permits compliance with equipment manufacturer’s specifications
• selectable warm weather shutdown temperature saves energy by disabling equipment when the master sensor temperature rises to a point where heating is no longer required
• adjustable setback temperature saves energy by lowering the supply temperature setpoint at night or during unoccupied periods

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S350CC-1CTemperature Slave Stage Module

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