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Pharmaceutical Clean Room Humidity Monitoring

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Humidity Monitoring with strict tolerances is now possible with today’s electronic sensing devices…

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Humidity Monitoring

Maintaining and monitoring pharmaceutical clean room humidity measurements in clean room applications with strict tolerances at close as +/- 1% is now possible thanks to today’s electronic sensing devices.


Selecting the proper sensor and transmitter requires an understanding of the application and the environment, particularly when in come to clean room sanitizing SOPs. Even the most accurate and reliable humidity sensors are prone to poisoning by “wash down” procedures that can ruin the humidity sensor and alter the humidity monitoring.


In many cases, pharmaceutical and biotech users responsible for pharmaceutical clean room monitoring have chosen to install their humidity sensors in the “return” air duct from their air handling systems, just before the air enters the clean room. A “grate” covers the return air vent and protects the humidity sensor from cleaning solutions that are used to spray and scrub the clean room walls inside the clean room.


In addition to the placement of the sensor, maintaining the accuracy of the measurement over time with periodic calibrations can significantly impact the long term stability of the humidity sensor, and prevent or minimize “non-conformance” reports. Calibrating too often is expensive. Not calibrating often enough can cause “out of compliance” situations resulting in out of spec product.


Humidity sensor suppliers are introducing “smart” sensors for pharmaceutical clean rooms that can actually store data in the probe that can be retrieved with 21CFR Part 11 compliance.


There are also a several data loggers that can be used as temporary or permanent installations, with network and data retrieval options that are also 21CFR Part 11.


Two such data loggers for humidity monitoring are the Rotronics Humidity Transmitters and Vaisala Humidity and Temperature Transmitters.



Pharmaceutical Clean Room Humidity MonitoringPharmaceutical Clean Room Humidity Monitoring



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