Industrial Controls » Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration in Pharmaceutical Facilities

Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration in Pharmaceutical Facilities

CASE STUDY: Industrial Controls Develops Technical Solution for Accurate Temperature and Humidity Sensing and Calibration

Location: Wyeth/Pfizer, Pearl River, New York

Accurate Measurement/calibration of temperature and humidity sensors and transmitters.

This site was experiencing problems with measurement of temperature and humidity in their manufacturing suites that are part of a validated system. They also had issues with calibration of the humidity sensors and keeping replacements on the shelf. The problem was amplified by the technicians having to remove the analog signals going to the transmitters in order to complete their calibration procedures in the field. Wires eventually broke or were not put back properly which caused them to reject batches or increase down time.

Solution: Industrial Controls introduced Rotronic.

The suggested solution was Series M22 humidity and temperature transmitter with HydgroClip sensor. Included in the solution was the Hygropalm-3 Portable hand held calibrator kit with case. To mount and install the transmitters, Industrial Controls designed a stainless steel panel with terminal block that have removable test disconnects. This provided them a means of disconnecting the sensor without removing any wires. Temperature readings were first brought back to a PLC and SCADA system that collected all data. The humidity was reserved for a later date when additional work in the suite was completed.

This has become a standard for them and we have sold over 10 of these in enclosures plus others on the site that are not part of the validated areas. It has proved to be very reliable and provides ease of maintenance.

Control Panels

These were built by one of our System Integrators; PCS. They have the drawings for these particular units. We designed them to hold a max of 6 M22s. They are always built for that even though the end user may only want 3 or 4. We provide enough of the disconnect terminal block to cover 6 transmitters to provide the space to add additional units. This size seemed to work well for the end user, although different configurations can be made. PCS is also a UL Panel shop, so these panels are covered by a UL rating.




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