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ICON Type D01 Solar Powered Industrial Thermometer

Solar Powered Industrial Thermometer
Type D01

Specifically designed for HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration applications. Designed as an alternative to the old mercury-in-glass industrial thermometer. It does not use mercury and may be used in applications requiring fast, accurate, and easy-to-read temperature indications.







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Cat #TypeStemS Dim.
D010300Thermometer3 ½”3 ½”
D010304With Airduct Flange3 ½”3 ½”
D010604With Airduct Flange6”6”
Accuracy: 1% of reading or 1º, whichever is greater
Range: -50/300ºF (-45/150ºC)
Resolution: 1/10º between -19.9/199.9ºF (-28/93ºC)
Lux Rating: 10 Lux (one foot candle)
Standard Features:
Update: 10 seconds
Ambient Operating Temperature: -30/140ºF (-35/60ºC)
Humidity: 100% maximum
Ambient Temperature Error: None
Case: High-impact ABS
Display: 3/8" LCD Digits, wide ambient temperature range
Sensor: Glass passivated thermistor
Stem: Material: Aluminum
Length: 3 1/2" and 6"
Available with and without brass thermowell
Stem Assemblies: Fully interchangeable with industrial glass thermometers
Warranty: Limited one year warranty
Order Options: Air duct flange
Clear plastic protective cover

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