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ICON IT 90 Series Industrial Thermometer

Industrial Thermometer
IT 90 Series

ICON industrial thermometers are designed for commercial construction & industrial applications such as piping & air ducts. This instrument represents the accepted worldwide engineering standard for industrial thermometers with die cast aluminum case construction for rugged durability. The nontoxic, green organic spirit-filled tube provides an accurate and quick response while maintaining environmental safety.

CASE: Precision die cast 9” aluminum scale for maximum durability in the most abusive installations. Furnished with an anti-scratch, dark green, hard powder coat finish.

: Standard clear shatter proof polycarbonate.

SCALE: Aluminum with white finish and black markings. The scale is V-shaped for optimum readability.

TUBE: Furnished standard with non-toxic, green organic spirit-filled glass tube. The tube is shock mounted to reduce separation during shipment and use. The bore over the spirit column is filled with nitrogen to prevent oxidation.

ADJUSTABLE FITTING: Finished to match the case and provides 180 of vertical plane, and 360 in the horizontal plane, which is locked in place with a screw.

CONNECTION: A brass swivel or commonly used 1-1/4 -18 thread jam nut is used to secure a union hub or separate socket over the sensory bulb.

STEM & BULB CHAMBER: Die cast aluminum, tapered to fit standard industrial sockets. The bore of the stem chamber is filled with graphite, encompassing the thermometer bulb, to provide maximum speed of temperature response.

ACCURACY: ±1 Scale Division

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Table 1Table 2Table 3
Table 1Scale Length
Table 2Stem Length
Table 3Range
-40/110F-40/110F & -40/40C
0/120F0/120F & -10/50C
30/240F30/240F & 0/115C
30/300F30/300F & 0/150C
TypeStem LengthMaterialCat #Connection
Standard Thermowells for ICON Industrial Thermometers3.5”BrassW35B3/4” FNPT x 1 1/4” - 18 UNF
Standard Thermowells for ICON Industrial Thermometers6”BrassW60B3/4” FNPT x 1 1/4” - 18 UNF
Standard Thermowells for ICON Industrial Thermometers3.5”Stainless SteelW353163/4” FNPT x 1 1/4” - 18 UNF
Standard Thermowells for ICON Industrial Thermometers6”Stainless SteelW603163/4” FNPT x 1 1/4” - 18 UNF

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