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HEW Economy Wall Humidity Sensors

Economy Wall Humidity Sensors

HEW Economy Series humidity transmitters offer an array of humidity control solutions at an affordable price. The thin-film capacitive sensor elements provide high accuracy and performance. The wall mounted HEW models feature an attractive, yet discreet housing, with simple installation. All Economy models come with a standard one-year warranty.

Reduce Installation Costs with Combination Sensors
• Monitor humidity and temperature with a single device
• Semiconductor, temperature transmitter, or popular thermistor/RTD sensors available
• Housing is low-profile...perfect for schools, museums, etc.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4
Table 1Accuracy
Table 2Output
V0-10VDC / 0-5VDC
Table 3US or EU
Table 4Temp
XNo Temp (Stop here)
Input Power: 4-20mA version; loop powered 12-30VDC only, 30mA max.; 0-5V/0-10V versions;
12 (15 for 0-10V) to 30VDC/24VAC, 15mA max
HS Element :
Digitally profiled thin-film capacitive, non removable
Accuracy at 25°C from 10-90% RH: ±3% or 5%
Reset Rate: 24 hours
Stability: ±1% @ 20°C (68°F) annually, for two years
Operating Humidity Range: 0 to 100% RH (non condensing)
Temperature Effect: Voltage Versions: (0.0015%RH(T°C-25))+(%RH0.0008abs(T°C - 25)
mA Versions: (0.0013x%RH(T°C - 25)
Analog Output: 4-20mA version: 2-wire, polarity insensitive, (clipped and capped)
0-5V/0-10V versions: 3-wire, observe polarity
Scaling: 0-100% RH
Optional Temperature Output
Transmitter Models:
Digital 0-5V/0-10V output; accuracy ±1.3°C
Range: 10° - 35°C (50° - 95°F)
RTD Models: Customer specified thermistor, or RTD

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