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Honeywell ZonePRO® Modulating/Floating Control Thermostats

Modulating/Floating Control Thermostats

The ZonePRO® thermostats are for low-voltage pressuredependent variable air volume (VAV) applications. ZonePRO® can also be used for hydronic perimeter heating/cooling and bypass box with or without reheat. The four models cover modulating applications, floating applications and applications that require up to two additional outputs for reheat.

• Provides modulating (2 to 10 Vdc analog) control (TB7980)
• Provides floating control (TB6980)
• Provides 2 additional outputs (TB6980A and TB7980A)
• Provides max. and min. setpoints for heating and cooling
• Provides a night setback (NSB) terminal for energy savings

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Cat #Additional OutputsDescriptionsOutput Signal BurdenTemp RangeOutput Signal
TB6980A1007-Floating control0.5A max @ 24Vac50F to 95FFloating
TB6980B10061 Analog/TRIAC; 1 TRIACFloating control with 2 additional outputs0.5A max @ 24Vac50F to 95FFloating
TB7980A1006-Modulating (0-10Vdc) control0-10V, 10k min50F to 95F0-10Vdc or 2-10Vdc
TB7980B10051 Analog/TRIAC; 1 TRIACModulating (0-10Vdc) control with 2 additional0.5A max @ 24Vac50F to 95F0-10Vdc or 2-10Vdc
Dimensions, Approximate: 2 5/8 in. wide X 4 9/16 in. high X 1 in. deep (69 mm wide X 118 mm high X 27 mm deep)
Mounting: Wall mount
Power Supply: 24 Vac
Frequency: 50 Hz; 60 Hz

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