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Honeywell XYR3000 Series Field Mountable Multiplexer I/O’s Modules and I/O Extensions

Field Mountable Multiplexer I/O’s Modules and I/O Extensions
XYR3000 Series

The XYR3000 Family range of telemetry modules provide remote monitoring and control by radio or twisted-pair wire, over short or long distances. Transducer signals connected at one module (input signals) are transmitted to another module where the signals are re-created as output signals, or passed via RS232/485 to a host device such as a PLC or SCADA system.

Radio Communications
The XYR3000 I/O Modules use frequency-hopping spread spectrum and operates on the license-free 900MHz band. These products can be used without a radio license.

Radio Range
The operating radio range of the XYR3000 Series depends on obstructions in the radio path, the height above ground of the antennas, and the type of antennas used.

Typical line-of-sight ranges are:
• 20+ miles in USA/Canada
• 20 km in Australia/NZ
Longer distances may be achieved depending on local conditions.

The XYR3000 Series provides a measurement of both radio channel noise and radio signal strength to assist with installation and testing. Each XYR3000 also provides a repeater function. A module may be configured to retransmit a message on to a remote module which does not have a reliable radio path.

The repeater acts as an intermediate module between the two ends of the radio link. Messages may be repeated up to five times by intermediate repeater units,  allowing very long radio paths to be achieved. Repeaters can also have their own I/O.

The XYR3001 and XYR3002 modules are easy to configure, by connecting a PC to the module serial port and downloading a configuration file. Configuration software is provided with the modules. Configuration files may be uploaded from the modules for modification or archiving. The XYR300L module can be configured via the serial port. Unidirectional units can be configured to network with Multi-I/O and Gateway units.

Diagnostics, testing
The XYR3001 and XYR3002 modules provide diagnostic and test functions by connecting a PC terminal to the module. I/O and communication functions may be tested. XYR3000 modules includes a radio strength measurement, which provides an indication of background noise and received radio strength. This feature allows radio paths to be tested without any additional test equipment. The XYR300L Diagnostic features include: Read input values, Write output values, Radio signal strength, Monitor communication messages. Not all products are available in all areas.

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Cat #Order ItemTypeDescriptions
XYR3001WHM3001Field Mountable Multiplexer I/O’s Modules4 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs, 2 Analog Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs, 1 Pulse I/O
XYR3002WHM3002Field Mountable Multiplexer I/O’s Modules5 Digital Inputs, 1 Digital Output, 6 Analog Inputs, 4 Pulse I/O
XYR300LWHM300LField Mountable Multiplexer I/O’s Modules2 Digital Inputs, 1 Analog Input, 1 Thermocouple Input
XYR3011WHM3011I/O Extension Units16 Digital Inputs, 16 Digital Outputs, 2 Pulse Inputs, 4 Pulse Outputs
XYR3012WHM3012I/O Extension Units8 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 8 Analog Inputs
XYR3013WHM3013I/O Extension Units8 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs, 8 Analog Outputs
  Model XYR3001, XYR3002
Model XYR300L
-30 to +60 deg C -40 to +60 deg C
0 – 99% 0 – 99%
FCC Part 19, AS3548 89/336 EEC, EN 300 683, AS3548, FCC Part 15
DIN-rail Extruded Aluminum Case DIN-rail Thermo-plastic enclosure
130 x 185 x 60mm (5.1 x 7.3 x 2.4 inches) 00 x 22 x 120mm (3.9 x 0.9 x 4.7 inches)
LED Indication:
For power supply, WDT, Digital I/O

Transmitter unit
Power/OK, Radio TX, DIN1, DIN2, Analog Setpoint status

Receiver unit
Power/OK, Radio RX, DO1, DO2, DO3,
Communications  Fail
LED’s also used to provide radio signal strength indication

Radio Transceiver/

Frequency Hopping spread spectrum
902 – 908 Mhz

Approved to FCC Part 15.247, RS210

Maximum Line-of-sight range:  
20 miles (4W ERP) depending on local conditions.

Range may be extended by using up to five intermediate repeater units.

Frequency Hopping spread spectrum 902 – 928 Mhz, Sub Bands Available, 1W

Approved to FCC Part 15.247, RS210

Maximum Line-of-sight range:  
20 miles (4W ERP), 15km (1W ERP); 3000 ft/1000m in unobstructed industrial environments

Range may be extended by using up to five intermediate repeater units.

Serial Port:

RS232/RS485 serial port 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit

RS232 9pin DB9 female connector

RS485 max cable distance 2000 m terminal connections

RS232 RJ45 female DCE, used for
configuration and Diagnostics
Power Supply:

Battery supply 11.5-15.0 VDC

Normal supply 12-24 VAC or 15-30 VDC, over voltage and reverse power protected

Battery charging circuit included for 1.2-12 AHr sealed battery

Solar regulator for direct connection of solar panel (up to 30W) and solar battery (100AHr)

Internal monitoring of power fail, solar charge status, and battery voltage. These values may be transmitted to remote modules for monitoring.

An internal DC/DC converter provides 24VDC
150mA for analog loop supply.

9 - 30 VDC.

Receiver power consumption
@  12VDC - 250mA.
     24VDC - 125mA 

Transmitter power consumption
@  12VDC - 600mA
     24VDC - 300mA

Analogue loop supply internally generated, 24VDC 30mA low power mode may be configured to cycle loop supply

Internal monitoring of supply voltage  - may be transmitted as an “input” (Transmitter unit only)

Inputs and Outputs
  Model XYR3001, XYR3002
Model XYR300L
Digital Inputs:

Opto-isolated (5000V) inputs suitable for voltage free contacts or NPN transistor, contact wetting current 5mA

XYR3001/XYR3002:   four inputs

Digital Outputs:

XYR3001:  four relay contacts, Form A AC 50V
5A/ DC 30V 2A

XYR3002:  one FET output 30VDC 500mA

Analog Inputs:

“floating” differential inputs, common mode voltage 27V, 24VDC for powering external loo provided, digital filtering 1 sec.

XYR3001:  two 4-20mA resolution 15 bit, accuracy 0.1%

XYR3002:  six 0-20mA resolution 12 bit, accuracy 0.1%

0-20 mA (4-20mA, 0-10mA) / 0-5V 
“floating” differential input, resolution 16 bit, accuracy < 0.1 %
Analog Outputs:

current sink to common, max loop voltage 27V, max loop resistance 1000 ohms

XYR3001:  two 4-20 mA resolution 15 bit, accuracy 0.1%

Pulse Inputs:

Specifications as per digital inputs
Max pulse rate 100Hz, pulse width min 5ms

XYR3001:  one input (DI1)

XYR3002:  four input(DI1-4) - first pulse input
(DI1) max 1000Hz, pulse width min 0.5ms

Two inputs, suitable for voltage free contacts / NPN, or voltage input < 2 VDC on / >4 VDC off

Pulse Input max rate 10 Hz, 20 msec on time.
Pulse counted as 2 x 16 bit register.

Pulse Outputs:
FET 30VDC 500mA max 100Hz
XYR3001:  one
Thermocouple Input:

Millivolt (-100mV to +100mV),  J, K or T type linearization with on-board Cold-junction compensation

Accuracy better than 1degC

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