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Honeywell VersaFlow Mag 3000 Sanitary Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Sanitary Electromagnetic Flow Meter
VersaFlow Mag 3000

The VersaFlow Mag 3000 is the electromagnetic flow sensor for the food and beverage industry. The 3000 sensor is manufactured in conformance to FDA requirements and has all requested (needed) approvals available. As an add on, a EHEDG approval is available and documents the hygienic design and the clean ability of the device.

Together with the converters TWM 9000 or TWM 1000, the meter can be used for mixing and dosing applications. It offers also a special measuring mode for pulsating flow. Even for products with low conductivity e. g. glucose or high concentrated fruit concentrate the VersaFlow Mag 3000 is the first choice.

Due to the fact that the industrial production of beer, water and milk increases rapidly, the produced volume gets larger and larger pipe sizes are needed. The VersaFlow Mag 3000 is the only hygienic electro magnetic flow meter with a pipe size of DN150 / 6” (where the hygienic standards list such a size).

• Developed in cooperation with customers from the food industry
• Stainless steel design for hygienic and aseptic operation
• Unique gasket concept prevents gasket from expanding into measuring tube
• Suitable for all CIP and SIP processes
• All industry-specific connectors and lengths
• High form stability and vacuum resistance

• For aseptic and hygienic applications 
• Mixing, dosing and filling 
• For pulsating flow

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