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Honeywell VersaFlow Mag 100 Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter
VersaFlow Mag 100

The VersaFlow Mag 100 flow sensor is an economical solution for a wide range of applications. VersaFlow Mag 100 can be used in applications (including various aqueous solutions), where other measurement techniques e.g. turbines, venturi, etc. were previously used. VersaFlow is suitable for even the most demanding applications and is recognized as an industry standard.

• Basic and fully functional wafer design flow sensor
• Quick and easy to install and operate
• Available in sizes 3/8” - 6
• Excellent price-performance ratio
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Maintenance free

• Water circulation, distribution and treatment e.g. in swimming pools and recreation facilities 
• Sprinkler irrigation systems 
• Fertilizer distribution 
• Fire fighting systems 
• Water circuits of buildings and of buildings and offices

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