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Honeywell VersaFlow Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Clamp-on Flow Meter

Honeywell’s VersaFlow stands for continuity and long term reliability. Flow measurement can be done anywhere and startup is immediate. The new VersaFlow clamp on flowmeter for liquids with its robust industrial construction and regreasing concept provides a revolutionary solution for easy handling.

• Minimised uncertainty
• Optimised reliability
• Minimal maintenance
• Efficient regreasing concept
• Easy sensor mounting
• Installation wizard
• All in one system

VersaFlow Standard
VersaFlow - Ex, zone 1/2 Option
Measurement functionality Standard actual volume flow rate and totalised volume
Measuring range 0...20 m/s / 0...66 ft/s
Max. deviation (under reference conditions] <± 3% of M.V. for DN < 50 mm / 2”, v > 0.5 m/s / 1.5 ft/s
Repeatability <± 0.2%
Process conditions Solid particle content < 5% (by volume)
Gas content < 2% (by volume)
Measurement configurations
Single path, single pipe or dual path/dual pipe Standard
Ultrasonic flow sensor VersaFlow
VersaFlow - small (DN15...DN100 / ½”...4”) Standard
VersaFlow - medium (DN50...DN400 / 2...16”) Standard
VersaFlow - large (DN200...DN4000 / 8...160”) Standard
VersaFlow - small (ext. temp. DN15...DN100 / ½ ...4”) Option
VersaFlow - medium (ext. temp. DN50...DN400 / 2..16”) Option
Pipe specifications
Material: metal, plastic, ceramic, asbestos cement, internal/external coated pipes (coatings and liners fully bonded to pipe wall) Standard
Maximum pipewall thickness of 200 mm / 7.87” Standard
Protection category
IP67 Standard
Electric signal level
Ex-I, intrinsically safe circuits, floating Standard
Process temperaturel
-40...120°C / -40...284°F Standard
-50...200°C / -58...392°F, XT version Option
Sensor cable length
5 m / 15 t Standard
10 m / 30ft Option
20 m / 0ft Option
Recommended mounting areas
Inlet ~ 10DN
Outlet ~ 5DN
Ultrasonic flow converter TWS9000
W (wall) TWS9000 W (general purpose)
F (field) TWS9000 F (non-Ex)

• Chemical addition 
• General process control 
• Cooling water circuits 
• Broad range of refined hydrocarbons 
• Potable water 
• De-ionized and demineralized water 
• Sanitary flow rate measurements 
• Purified water

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