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Honeywell V51 Butterfly Gas/Air Valve

Butterfly Gas/Air Valve

Provides modulating control of natural, manufactured, LP gases or air.

• Use in commercial and industrial installations where large amounts of gas must be closely controlled
• NOT for use as safety shutoff valve
• Adaptable to most modulating jobs
• Modutrol motor, such as the M9484 or M9494, may be mounted directly on valve or close to it
• Valve mechanism has strain release
• Adjustable stroke over low fire-high fire range
• Straight-through valve pattern
• Rugged cast aluminum body provides durability and maintenance free operation

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Cat #Inlet/Outlet Pressure TapingUsed With(cfh)(inch)Descriptions
V51E1000Two downstream 1/4 in. NPT tapsMod Motor with Q100 Linkage4200 cfh1 1/2 in.Butterfly Gas Valve, 1 1/2 in. pipe size
V51E1018Mod Motor with Q100 Linkage9210 cfh2 in.Butterfly Gas Valve, 2 in. pipe size
V51E1034Mod Motor with Q100 Linkage8390 cfh2 1/2 in.Butterfly Gas Valve, 2 1/2 in. pipe size
V51E1059Mod Motor with Q100 Linkage14640 cfh3 in.Butterfly Gas Valve, 3 in. pipe size
V51E1075Mod Motor with Q100 Linkage33000 cfh4 in.Butterfly Gas Valve, 4 in. pipe size
Type of Gas: Air, natural, manufactured, and LP
Dimensions, Approximate: 2 11/16 in. high x 3 1/16 in. wide x 5 13/16 in. deep (68 mm high x 77 mm wide x 148 mm deep)
Body Pattern: Straight-through
Pressure Ratings: 5 psi (34.5 kPa)
Mounting: Motor shaft horizontal
Operating Temperature Range: 32 F to 140 F (0 C to 60 C)
Materials: (Body): Aluminum
Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. File No. MH5968 Vol. 1 Sec. 1, Guide no. MHKZ
Accessories: Q100B1006 Linkage- Connects Modutrol motor to V51E Butterfly Valve
32003396-001 ML7999A,B mounting kit for 1 1/2 in. and 2 in. V51E valves
32003396-002 ML7999A, B Mounting Kit for 2 1/2 in.,3 in., 4 in. V51E valves

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