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Honeywell V4043 Line Voltage Zone Valves for Steam

Line Voltage Zone Valves for Steam

Two way on-off line voltage valves consist of an actuator motor and valve assembly for controlling the flow of low pressure steam.

• Manual opener (on all models, except straight-through, normally open valves) for valve operation on power failure; valve returns to automatic position when power is restored.
• All models may be installed without disassembling the valve.
• Compact construction for easy installation.
• Complete powerhead may be removed or replaced without breaking plumbing line connections or draining the system.
• Motor may be replaced without removing the valve body or draining the system.
• Suitable for heating applications.

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Cat #VoltageManual Opener(inch)(Cv)Connection Type(psi)
V4043E1003120 VacYes1/2 in.3.5 CvSweat20 psi
V4043E1011208 VacYes1/2 in.3.5 CvSweat20 psi
V4043E1029240 VacYes1/2 in.3.5 CvSweat20 psi
Application: Steam (low pressure) Control
Type: 2 position
Body Pattern:

Two-way, Straight-through

Valve Action: Spring return to close
Power Consumption: 9.6 VA
Nominal Timing: 15 sec
De-energized Position: Normally Closed
Electrical Connections: 18 in. leads (457 mm leads)
Static Pressure: 125 psi (862 kPa)
Fluid Temperature Range: 40 F to 240 F (5 C to 116 C)
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 125 F (52 C)
Maximum Ambient Temperature: (Body): Brass
(Stem): Stainless Steel
(Seat): Brass
(Packing O-Ring): EPDM rubber
(Ball Plug): EPDM Rubber Ball
Comments: For low pressure (15 psi) steam application
Approvals: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL Component Listed: File MH11826 Vol. 1

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