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Honeywell V110 High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Valves

High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Valves

High Capacity Thermostatic Radiator Valves provide precise and automatic control of room temperature in two-pipe systems by modulating the flow of hot water or steam through free-standing radiators, convectors and other heating units with high capacity requirements.

• Continually monitors and adjusts room temperature for consistent comfort and relief from underheating and overheating.
• Designed with the higher capacity normally required by U.S.A. heating systems.
• Valve seat disc, which is made of resilient material (EPDM), ensures tight shutoff on steam or hot water systems.
• Nickel-plated bronze casted body with working parts in cartridge insert for ease of service.
• Controls include sensor, setpoint dial and valve actuator; components may be integral or connected by capillary tubes.
• Require no electrical connections.
• All working parts are replaceable using service tool (MT100C1011) while valve remains in service, in-line, under pressure.
• Valve normally open without control mounted.
• Meet ASHRAE Standard 102-1989.

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Cat #(inch)Connection TypeBody PatternDN(Cv)(Btu/hr-steam)
V110D10001/2 in.ThreadedStraightDN154.6 Cv127,000 Btu/hr
V110D10083/4 in.ThreadedStraightDN205.8 Cv162,000 Btu/hr
V110D10161 in.ThreadedStraightDN257 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110D10241 1/4 in.ThreadedStraightDN328 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110D50011/2 in.SweatStraightDN154.6 Cv127,000 Btu/hr
V110D50093/4 in.SweatStraightDN205.8 Cv162,000 Btu/hr
V110D50171 in.SweatStraightDN257 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110E10041/2 in.ThreadedAngleDN154.6 Cv127,000 Btu/hr
V110E10123/4 in.ThreadedAngleDN205.8 Cv162,000 Btu/hr
V110E10201 in.ThreadedAngleDN257 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110E10281 1/4 in.ThreadedAngleDN328 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110E50051/2 in.SweatAngleDN154.6 Cv127,000 Btu/hr
V110E50133/4 in.SweatAngleDN205.8 Cv162,000 Btu/hr
V110F10021/2 in.ThreadedHorizontal AngleDN154.6 Cv127,000 Btu/hr
V110F10103/4 in.ThreadedHorizontal AngleDN205.8 Cv162,000 Btu/hr
V110F10181 in.ThreadedHorizontal AngleDN257 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110F10261 1/4 in.ThreadedHorizontal AngleDN328 Cv193,000 Btu/hr
V110F50031/2 in.SweatHorizontal AngleDN154.6 Cv127,000 Btu/hr
V110F50113/4 in.SweatHorizontal AngleDN205.8 Cv162,000 Btu/hr
Application: Precise and automatic control of room temperature in two pipe systems by modulating the flow of hot water or steam through high capacity heating units.
Capacity: high
Materials (Body): Nickel Plated Bronze
Differential Pressure Rating: 17 psi maximum
Pressure Ratings (Hot Water): 150 psi maximum (1034 kPa maximum)
Pressure Ratings (Steam): 15 psi maximum (103 kPa)
Temperature Rating: 248 F Maximum (120 C Maximum)
Cartridge Change Tool: Yes - Use MT110C1011
Used With: T104

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