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Honeywell UDC2500 1/4 DIN Universal Digital Controller

1/4 DIN Universal Digital Controller

The UDC2500 Universal Digital Controller is a new, low-priced addition to Honeywell’s Controller family. This controller introduces new features in the popular low priced ¼ DIN size while retaining all the reliability, cost effectiveness, simplicity, and popular HMI of Honeywell’s UDC 2300. The UDC2500 monitors and controls temperatures and other variables in applications such as:
• furnaces and ovens
• environmental chambers
• packaging machinery
• plastic processing machines

• 1 Universal Input + 1 high level input
• 0.25% Accuracy
• Fast scanning rate (166ms)
• Up to 5 Analog or Digital Output Types
• 2 Digital Inputs
• Ethernet and Modbus communication
• Infrared PC & Pocket PC configuration
• NEMA4X and IP66 front face protection
• Multilanguage prompts
• ¼ DIN Size
• Jumper free configuration
• Easily Field Upgradable
• Downward compatibility with existing UDC2300 applications
• Limit model
• The standard features include Accutune III™ and the popular single display, automatic mode model. A Dual Display model with Automatic/Manual control modes is optional. A Limit Control model is also available.
• The UDC2500 provides a ¼ DIN sized alternative for many applications. Its features include: Universal AC power supply, optional S422/485 Modbus® RTU or Ethernet 10Base-T TCP/IP communication protocols, input/output isolation, Isolated Auxiliary Current output.
• When these are combined with the Accutune III™ tuning with fuzzy logic overshoot suppression, the result is price/performance leadership.
• Configuration can be done with a PC through communication or with a Pocket PC, using the embedded infra red communication port. No need to get access to the back of the controller to download or upload a brand new configuration!
• For the many thousands of satisfied UDC2300 users, the UDC2500 is downward-compatible with most existing UDC2300 applications.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10Table 11Table 12
Table 1KEY NUMBER - UDC2500 Single Loop Controller
DC2500Digital Controller for use with 90 to 264Vac Power
DC2501Digital Controller for use with 24Vac/dc Power
Table 2Approvals
0CE, UL and CSA (Standard)
1CE, UL, CSA and FM
2CE Only
Table 3Future Options
Table 4Tags
TStainless Steel Customer ID Tag - 3 lines w/22 characters/line
Table 5Specify Control Output and/or Alarms-Output #1
0None(Can be used as an indicator only)
CCurrent Output (4 to 20ma, 0 to 20 ma)
EElectro Mechanical Relay (5 Amp Form C)
ASolid State Relay (1 Amp)
TOpen Collector transistor output
RDual 2 Amp Relays (Both are Form A) (Heat/Cool Applications)
Table 6Specify Control Output and/or Alarms-Output #2
0No Additional outputs or Alarms
BOne Alarm Relay Only
EE-M Relay (5 Amp Form C) Plus Alarm 1 (5 Amp Form C Relay)
ASolid State Relay (1 Amp) Plus Alarm 1 (5 Amp Form C Relay)
TOpen Collector Plus Alarm 1 (5 Amp Form C Relay)
Table 7Communications
1Auxiliary Output/Digital Inputs (1 Aux and 1 DI or 2 DI)
2RS-485 Modbus Plus Auxiliary Output/Digital Inputs
310 Base-T Ethernet (Modbus RTU) Plus Auxiliary Output/Digital Inputs
Table 8Software Selections
0Standard Functions,Single Display
ADual Display with Auto/Manual
BSet Point Programming (12 Segments) Dual Display, Auto/Manual
LLimit Controller (Includes Dual Display Option)
Table 9Reserved
0No selection
Table 10Infrared interface
RInfrared Interface Included (Can be used with a Pocket PC)
Table 11Input 1
1TC, RTD, mV, 0-5V, 1-5V
2TC, RTD, mV, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
3TC, RTD, mV, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V
Table 12Input 2
100-5V, 1-5V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
CE Conformity (Europe) This product is in conformity with the protection requirements of the following European Council Directives: 73/23/EEC, the Low Voltage  Directive, and 89/336/EEC, the EMC Directive. Conformity of this product with any other "CE Mark" Directive(s) shall not be assumed.
EMC Classification Group 1, Class A, ISM Equipment (EN 55011, emissions), Industrial Equipment (EN61326, immunity)
Method of EMC Assessment Technical File (TF)
Declaration of Conformity 51453655
Approval Body Ratings UL Listed (Standard): UL61010C-1 (UL File# E201698)
CSA Certified (Optional): CSA1010-1
FM Approval for Limit Controller Model (Optional): Class Number 3545
Analog Inputs (One or Two)
(See Table 1 for Input
• ± 0.25% of full scale typical (± 1 digit for display)
• Can be field calibrated to ± 0.05% of full scale typical
• 16-bit resolution typical
Sampling Rate: Both inputs are sampled six times per second
Temperature Stability: ± 0.01% of Full Scale span / °C change—typical
Input Impedance:
• 4-20 Milliampere Input: 250 ohms
• 0-10 Volt Input: 200K ohms
• All Other: 10 megohms
Maximum Lead Wire Resistance:
• Thermocouples: 50 ohms/leg
• 100 ohm, 200 ohm and 500 ohm RTD: 100 ohms/leg
• 100 ohm Low RTD: 10 ohms/leg
Analog Input Signal Failure
Burnout Selections: Upscale, Downscale, Failsafe or None
Thermocouple Health: Good, Failing, Failure Imminent or Failed
Failsafe Output Level: Configurable 0-100% of Output range
Stray Rejection Common Mode
AC (50 or 60 Hz): 120 dB (with maximum source impedance of 100 ohms) or ±1 LSB (least significant bit) whichever is greater with line voltage applied.
DC: 120 dB (with maximum source impedance of 100 ohms) or a ±1 LSB whichever is greater with 120 Vdc applied.
DC (to 1 KHz): 80 dB (with maximum source of impedance of 100 ohms) or ±1 LSB whichever is greater with 50 Vac applied.
Normal Mode
AC (50 or 60 Hz): 60 dB (with 100% span peak-to-peak maximum)
Digital Inputs (Two) (Optional) +30 Vdc source for external dry contacts or isolated solid state contacts. Digital Inputs
are isolated from line power, earth ground, analog inputs and all outputs except for the
Second Current Output.
On contact closure the controller will respond according to how each digital input is
configured. Opening the contact causes a return to previous state.
The second Digital Input is mutually exclusive with the Second Current Output.
Digital Displays Vacuum fluorescent, alphanumeric
A four-character upper display dedicated to the process variable (4 digits).
Alternate information displayed during configuration mode.
A six-character lower display primarily shows key selected operating parameters (4
digits). Alternate information displayed during configuration mode.
Indicators Alarm Relay Status (ALM 1 or 2)
Control Mode (A or MAN)
Temperature Units (F or C)
Local Setpoint 1 Active (L)
Remote Setpoint or Local Setpoint 2 Active (R)
Control Relay Status (OUT 1 or 2)
Modes of Operation Manual
Automatic with Local Setpoint
Automatic with Remote Setpoint
Mounting Panel-mounted, 4.5-inch (114 mm) depth

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