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Honeywell 12” TruLIne Circular Chart Recorder DR4500

Honeywell 12” Truline Circular Chart Recorder DR4500


Honeywell’s Truline recorder is a one to four-channel, microprocessor-based, circular chart recorder. Its “one-pen” stylus printhead produces up to four analog traces and prints alphanumeric chart data on a blank heat-sensitive chart. All four traces share the same time line reference which the Truline prints. This eliminates the error caused by pen alignment offsets in conventional pen designs. Since the Truline prints the chart and generates the analog traces at the same time, there is no error due to variations in chart size caused by changes in temperature and humidity. With microprocessor electronics and single printhead, the Truline recorder is easily configured by users to meet a variety of application requirements - from metals to food processing. Models with up to four input channels accept inputs from any one of a variety of sensors or transmitters within the configurable range limits.

Also, models are available with one or two independent digital controllers to generate controlled output signals which will operate valves, dampers, heating elements, etc. for process control.


  • User Configurable — means that users, using English language prompts, can set and/or alter operating parameters to fit their requirements, including type of input, without recalibration.
  • Operator Interface — includes clear, brilliant alphanumeric displays; indicators; deviation bargraph; and keypad for visual and tactile interaction.
  • All-Purpose Chart —blank chart eliminates the need for ordering and stocking several types of charts. And, users can design the chart to match specific applications.
  • Four Channels — up to four channels that monitor process variables from a variety of sensors reduce panel space requirements.
  • “One-pen” Printer — prints configurable alphanumeric chart data including time and trend lines. This automatically compensates for chart width variations caused by changes in the ambient relative humidity.
  • Control Output — up to two versatile PID digital controllers let users configure the exact control action needed for their process.
  • Time/Date — real-time, clock, dates, time of printing (hour, minutes, date and year) and any operator changes in real time guard against unauthorized chart advancement. There is a 10-year life battery backup.
  • Accutune II™ —This standard feature provides a new, truly plug and play tuning algorithm, which will, at the touch of a button or through a digital input, accurately identify and tune any process including those with deadtime and integrating processes. This speeds up and simplifies start-up plus allows re-tuning at any setpoint.
  • Fuzzy Logic — This standard feature uses fuzzy logic to suppress process variable overshoot due to SP changes or externally induced process disturbances. It operates independently from AccutuneII tuning. It does not changethe PID constants, but temporarily modifies the internal controller response to suppress overshoot. This allows more aggressive tuning to co-exist with smooth PV response. It can be enabled or disabled depending on the application or the control criteria.
  • Setpoint Ramp — a single set point ramp is user programmable and is easily repeated and activated through the Run/Hold key.
  • Setpoint Rate — lets you define a ramp rate applied to any local setpoint change. A separate upscale or downscale rate is configurable.

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