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Honeywell TrendManager Suite TrendManager Suite®

TrendManager Suite®
TrendManager Suite

PC Application Software Configuration and Analysis Tool.

The TrendManager Suite software is a Windows based PC package that complements the Honeywell line of data acquisition products. It provides the capability to configure, analyse and network recorders for data acquisition.

The TrendManager software ties your process together, providing access to the recorder through the plant LAN or the Internet, while keeping a high level of security.

TrendManager provides the tools for real-time communication, data analysis and configuration for the entire family of X Series and V5 paperless data recorders.

The application can import and analyses electronic data from the HC900 Honeywell Modular Systems and DPR180/250 Strip Chart recorders.

The software is designed for use on Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server with Standard Edition and Windows Vista with Business and Ultimate Edition platforms and networks.

The TrendManager Suite is easy to use and is available in English, French and German languages. The software is simple using “Drag-and-drop” operations, clear menus and logical configuration wizards to help the operator set up and analyze data from the recorders.

Protocol Document Custom built IQOQ reports can be generated based on the configuration of the recorder.

The latest version of the Trend Manager Suite software supports both V5 and X Series recorders.

TrendViewer displays, graphs and prints electronic data, stored and imported on a storage media (V5 floppy disk, ZIP drive, PCMCIA memory card or X Series compact flash/USB). It is available at no charge on the CD and shipped with every Honeywell paperless recorder.

TrendManager Pro
TrendManager Pro is an advanced data analysis/archiving software package, providing full configuration of the X-Series recorders.TrendManager Pro is a stand-alone package that delivers to the user recorder configuration, allowing the user to archive, graph, print and export data. TMP also allows files to be exported using comma separated variables (CSV) format, that can be imported into most computer software. TMP imports data from various Honeywell recorders, and stores the data individually in a secure database on a PC for graphing, analysis, adding comments, later retrieval, print and export. TMP has a Concurrent Batch Mode facility where markers can be entered via the recorder or TrendManager/Server to create separate batches of data that can be viewed, graphed and exported to a spreadsheet. TMP has an extensive Events system including setting up Scheduled Events, User Counters, Embedded Process values and Preset markers

TrendServer Pro
TrendServer Pro is a fully network aware software package for real-time viewing and archiving of data with communications to the recorder. It supports all the capabilities of TrendManager Pro plus real-time data acquisition and web browser access. TrendServer Pro provides secure multi-level, multi-user access to the recorder data by various departments with security. Standard features of TrendServer Pro include data archive tools, email set up and alarming, graphing, printing, import and export data facilities.

TrendServer Pro with OPC Server - provides the same functions as the TrendServer Pro but includes the added function of an integrated OPC Server to allow easy interfacing to third party HMI software packages that support an OPC Client. This provides a real-time interface between servers and clients. The OPC Server in the TrendServer Pro software is OPC 2.0 DA compliant.

Modbus Profile Configuration Tool - this is a tool that comes as part of the TrendServer Pro software that allows the user to set up Modbus Device Profiles for use by the Communications Server. It allows the user to edit existing Modbus profiles or create new ones for alternate Modbus devices other than the X Series recorders to get real time data into TrendServer Pro. It can also be used to export Modbus profiles from one system so that they can be imported into another system. It is generally aimed at enabling the setup of Modbus communications with non-Honeywell devices that support floating point input registers in their Modbus memory map. This allows Modbus devices other than the X Series recorders to get real time data into Trend-Server Pro.

Communications Server
The Communication Server is supplied with TrendServer Pro. It manages real-time communications, distributed access to the stored data, time synchronisation over RS-485 and Ethernet networks. It is also available with an OPC DA 2.0 compliant Server to make it easier to interface third party HMI software packages that support an OPC Client. The Communication Server provides security for the transmission and storage of process data.

IQOQ Protocol Document (TrendServer Pro only.)
IQOQ Protocol Document Custom built IQOQ reports can be generated based on the configuration of the recorder.The configuration can be validated as a process of confirming that a piece of equipment or process meets the stated requirements to produce a regulated product.

Database Management Tool
The Database Management Tool is a separate software application that is supplied with TrendServer Pro software. It provides the user with the ability to backup, sort, archive, move and copy the data stored by the TrendManager Pro and TrendServer Pro Software. Not all products are available in all areas.

• Display and print time scales: From 3.5 ms/cm to 1.15 month/cm

• Data format: Honeywell proprietary binary encryption

• Protocol used for Recorder Communications: TrendServer Software utilizes the Honeywell Trendbus communication protocol for real time network communications with the V5 recorders. The X Series recorders use the Modbus protocol only.

• Modbus: Modbus protocols supported on Ethernet and Serial ports (RS485)
   The Comms Server is a MODBUS master. It has no slave capability.
   The maximum speed of data transfer over MODBUS is 1 (one) reading per second.
   The maximum speed of data logging of realtime MODBUS data is 1 (one) reading p/s.
   The Modbus protocol can be used to connect with other devices that support floating point values in their register maps.

• Communications - X Series: Communicate with up to 256 units on RS485. Ethernet/RS485 communications. Communicate with recorders using Ethernet TCP/IP. FTP Ethernet connection to transfer data and setups to and from an X Series recorder (TrendServer only).

• OPC Capability: Optional OPC Server broadcasting, for each pen: Current Value; Engineering units;
   Zero; span; High EU; low EU; for communication with HMI software that supports an OPC 2,0 Client V2, and DA compliant.

• Time Synchronisation (V5): For Honeywell recorders connected in Real-time mode with Trendbus, every 5 minutes; For FTP transfer, at the end of each scheduled download. The recorders clocks are synchronised to the PC clock.

• Time Synchronisation - X Series: Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) is a protocol for synchronising the clock on the recorder with a Network Server. Or a recorder can be enabled as a server, other recorders, set up as clients, can synchronise their time to the server recorder. Min time period between checking and updating the time is 600 seconds.

• Software License (Users): Available as a Single or Five User license, the license is based on the number of PC’s the software is installed on, not the number of users using a particular PC with the software installed on it.

• Data Import Capability: Provides ability to import data files from many Honeywell Recorders

• Databases: Databases can be local (on same PC as TrendManager Suite), remote (on different PC), allows the data to be available to other Trend Server Pro users.

• Password (TrendManager Suite): Five levels of users – Guest or Default User, Basic User, Standard User, Power User or Administrator, Eight area of access with ability to password protect functions within these areas – Graphing, Folders, Recorders, Database, Server, Import, Communications and Settings. 50 Users with their own password allowed

• Audit Manager: Available on TrendServer Pro and is accessed through the password system at the Administrator level, allows the Administrator

Printing Network: printing of graphs using either a Standard Print format or Legend Print format.

PC Operating System: Supports: Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server with Standard Edition and Windows Vista with Business and Ultimate Edition only
PC System (TrendViewer): 1 GHz Pentium processor or higher with a mouse, CD-ROM drive
Monitor screen resolution 1024 x 768 minimum requirement, high colour
512 Mbyte of RAM, 50Mbyte free hard disk space
16 colour graphics, 24 bit recommended (Screen Designer only)
Flash card reader or USB port for X Series recorders
3.5” floppy disk drive or PCMCIA for V5 recorders
PC System (TrendManager or TrendServer): As for TrendViewer but with: 2 Gbyte Hard-drive free disk space, TCP/IP installed
System requirement of 4GB SRAM for generating IQOQ report
V5 For RS-485 communications: RS-485 or RS-232 port with adapter (V5)
X Series Communications: Modbus TCP/IP (slave mode), web over Ethernet (DHCP standard) communications port Modbus RTU (slave mode) via an RS485 port. USB ports allow the use of an ASCII barcode reader.
For FTP communications and setup transfer: Ethernet port, TCP/IP stack installed, Fixed IP addresses for all connected recorders.
For Real-time communications: EEthernet port, RS485 to RS232 adaptor, TCP/IP stack installed
Fixed IP addresses for all connected PCs and recorders
For Database Management Tool: Same as TrendServer Pro. (Microsoft.NET framework needs to be installed)
Use with TrendManager software version or higher
Batch Mode: Available with TrendManager Pro and TrendServer Pro only.
Use with TrendManager/Server Pro software version or higher

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