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Honeywell T7350 Programmable Commercial Thermostats

Programmable Commercial Thermostats

T7350 Thermostats control 24 Vac commercial single-zone multistage conventional, heat pump and modulating HVAC equipment.

• 365-day programming.
• Two Occupied and two Not Occupied periods per day.
• Thermostat Interface Module (TIM) connections to thermostat from PDA for advanced configuration, programming, keypad lockout, etc.
• Individual heat and cool setpoints available for Occupied and Not Occupied periods.
• P+I+D control minimizes temperature fluctuations.
• Recovery ramping control automatically optimizes equipment start times based on building load.
• Universal Versaguard™ Thermostat guards available.
• Convenient overrides allow temporary setpoint changes.
• Keypad multi-level lockout available with all models.
• Remote sensor capability - EXCEPT T7350A model - for temperature (including outdoor air and discharge air) and humidity sensors.
• Auxiliary contact interfaces with a Honeywell Economizer System (for total rooftop control integration) or as a dehumidification output.

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Cat #CommentsApplicationSystemStages
T7350A1004-Conventional and Heat Pump systemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTO1 Heat / 1 Cool
T7350B1002Remote Temp, Outdoor, Discharge AirConventional and Heat Pump systemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTO2 Heat / 2 Cool
T7350D1008Remote Temp, Outdoor, Discharge Air, HumidityConventional and Heat Pump systemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTO3 Heat / 3 Cool
T7350M1008Remote Temp, Outdoor, Discharge Air, HumidityModulating SystemsEM. HEAT-HEAT OFF- COOL-AUTO2 Mod (4-20mA)/ 2 Relay
Dimensions, Approximate: 6 3/4 in. wide x 4 1/2 in. high x 2 3/16 in. deep (171 mm wide x 114 mm high x 56 mm deep)
Part: thermostat + subbase
Color: Trident White
Electrical Connections: 24 Vac, 50/60 Hz; 20 to 30 Vac, 50/60 Hz.
Network Communications: None

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