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Honeywell ST7800 Electromechanical Burner Controls

Electromechanical Burner Controls

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Cat #ApplicationPre Purge
ST7800A1005Purge Timer2 seconds
ST7800A1013Purge Timer7 seconds
ST7800A1021Purge Timer10 seconds
ST7800A1039Purge Timer30 seconds
ST7800A1047Purge Timer40 seconds
ST7800A1054Purge Timer60 seconds
ST7800A1062Purge Timer90 seconds
ST7800A1070Purge Timer2.5 minutes
ST7800A1088Purge Timer4.0 minutes
ST7800A1096Purge Timer6.0 minutes
ST7800A1104Purge Timer9.0 minutes
ST7800A1112Purge Timer12.0 minutes
ST7800A1120Purge Timer15.0 minutes
ST7800A1138Purge Timer22.0 minutes
ST7800A1146Purge Timer30.0 minutes
ST7800C1003Purge Timer for RM7838C Only7 seconds
ST7800C1011Purge Timer for RM7838C Only20 seconds
ST7800C1029Purge Timer for RM7838C Only4.0 minutes
ST7800C1037Purge Timer for RM7838C Only6.0 minutes
ST7800C1045Purge Timer for RM7838C Only8.0 minutes
ST7800C1052Purge Timer for RM7838C Only10.0 minutes
ST7800C1060Purge Timer for RM7838C Only12.0 minutes
ST7800C1078Purge Timer for RM7838C Only14.0 minutes
ST7800C1086Purge Timer for RM7838C Only16.0 minutes
ST7800C1094Purge Timer for RM7838C Only18.0 minutes
ST7800C1102Purge Timer for RM7838C Only20.0 minutes
ST7800C1110Purge Timer for RM7838C Only22.0 minutes
ST7800C1128Purge Timer for RM7838C Only24.0 minutes
ST7800C1136Purge Timer for RM7838C Only30.0 minutes
ST7800C1144Purge Timer for RM7838C Only45.0 minutes
Canadian Standards Association: Certified, File No. LR95329-3
Factory Mutual: Approved: Report No. 2X0A1.AF
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Component Recognized, File No. MP268; Guide No. MCCZ2

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