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Honeywell RM7823 Flame Switch

Flame Switch

Microprocessor-based integrated flame switch for detecting a flame using rectification, ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) source. Provides level of safety, functional capability and features beyond conventional controls.

• Can be fitted with any 7800 Series Amplifier to provide relay action from two single pole, double throw (SPDT) relays when flame is present or not present. RM7823A and EC7823 are a flame detector relays only.
• Suitable primary control must be used to provide safe-start check, safety lockout, load switching and other functions required in flame safeguard systems.
• Three LEDs to indicate power, flame and alarm.
• Access for external electrical voltage checks.
• Nonvolatile memory.
• Shutter drive output.
• Compatible with existing Honeywell flame detectors.

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Cat #CommentsVoltage
RM7823A1016two SPDT outputs120 Vac (+10, -15%)

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