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Honeywell R8845U Universal Switching Relay

Universal Switching Relay

The R8845U Universal Switching Relay with 24 V transformer provides intermediate switching of line-and low-voltage devices from a line- or low-voltage controller and is typically applied in Hydronic heating systems.

• Replaceable socketed relays.
• Two troubleshooting LED.
• Push-to-test button.
• Replaceable transformer fuse.
• Low-voltage contact rating for Powerpile applications.
• Long-life DC relay drive control technology.
• Relay for use with external 24 Vac or 24 Vdc supply, with line-voltage control, or with internal 24 V transformer supply.
• One model replaces many competitor models.
• One model may replace many Honeywell models: R182A,B,C,J; R482A,B,C,J; R845; R882A,B,C,J and RA832.

Application: Provides intermediate switching of line and low voltage devices from a line or low voltage controller
Dimensions, Approximate: 6 1/4 in. high x 4 7/16 in. wide x 3 1/2 in. deep (159 mm high x 118 mm wide x 89 mm deep)
Electrical Connections (Control Circuit): 2 or 3-wire
Electrical Ratings: Primary Voltage: 120V; 60 Hz
Contact Electrical Ratings 120 Vac AFL: 7.4A AFL, 44.4A ALR on each set of line-voltage contacts. Maximum connected load is 2000 VA.
Transformer Primary Rating: 120 Vac, 60 Hz
Transformer Secondary Rating: 24 Vac, 12 VA max., 9 VA available
for external load. Secondary protected by replaceable 1A automotive fuse.
Thermostat Compatibility: Honeywell electromechanical and electronic 2- or 3-wire
Thermostat Heat Anticipator Setting: 0.12A
Temperature Range: (Ambient) -20 F to +120 F
((Ambient) -29 C to +49 C)
Operating Humidity Range (% RH): 0 to 90% RH, non-condensing
Replacement Parts: 32002190-001 Replacement Relays.
Replacement Fuse: use a 1 A automotive fuse.
Approvals: Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada: Listed: Guide No. XAPX7.
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed: File No. E4436, Guide No. XAPX

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