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Honeywell R7289, R7290 Flame Safeguard Amplifiers (for R4795)

Flame Safeguard Amplifiers (for R4795)
R7289, R7290

Solid state, plug-in units allow use of rectification or ultravioletflame detection.
• Use with R4795A,D Flame Safeguard primary controls andappropriate flame detector.

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Cat #CommentsFlame Failure Responce Time (sec)Self CheckingUse With Flame SensorUse With Primary Safety Control
R7290A1001Color: Purple2 to 4 secNone (standard)Gas, Oil, Coal: Ultraviolet (Minipeeper) C7027, C7035R4795A, D
R7289A1004Color: Green2 to 4 secNone (standard)Gas: Rectifying Flame Rods C7004, C7005, C7007, C7008, CR4795A, D

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