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Honeywell R4225; R8225 Fan Relay

Fan Relay
R4225; R8225

Provide general purpose and heavy duty switching for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, appliances, vending machines and similar applications.

• Molded terminal numbers and circuit diagram on top of relay provide easy identification for wiring and checking system operation.
• Untaped coil assures cooler operation.
• Laminated magnet construction for higher efficiency.
• Base designed for easy replacement of competitive relays.
• Double quick-connect coil terminals.
• Plug compatible with Steveco 90-340 and Mars 90340.

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Cat #FrequencySwitchingProd NoCoil Ratings Voltage
R4225A100860 HzSPDT, 1 N.O., 1 N.C.120 V
R8225A101760 HzSPDT*24 Vac
R8225D100360 HzDPST N.O.24 Vac
Dimensions, Approximate: 2 11/16 in. high x 2 1/2 in. wide x 3 7/16 in. deep (68 mm high x 64 mm wide x 87 mm deep)
Electrical Connections (main): Leadwires
Frequency: 60 Hz
Temperature Rating: 115 F (46 C)
Canadian Standards Association: Certified: File No. LR95329-1
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL Listed: File No. E14480, Vol. 1, Sec. 3, Guide No. NLDX

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