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Honeywell Q5001 Valve Linkage for Modutrol IV Motors

Valve Linkage for Modutrol IV Motors

The Q5001 Valve Linkage connects a Modutrol Motor to a 2- or 3-way valve. It is used primarily on steam and water valves such as the V5011 or V5013.

• Q5001 Valve Linkage is applicable to 2-way or 3-way valves in modulating or two position service.
• Linkage requires no adjustment when used with Honeywell valves and Modutrol IV Motors (can also be used with Modutrol III motors).
• Q5001 Valve Linkage replaces Q601 and Q618 Valve Linkages.
• Linkage mounts directly to the valve bonnet; motor mounts on linkage bracket.
• Easy-to-read position indicator.
• Valve stem lift height cam selectable.
• Overtravel permits tight closeoff without excessive motor strain.
• Easy mounting and valve connection.
• Available brackets make linkages adaptable to many valve bodies.
• 80 lb, 160 lb, and 320 lb stem force models available.

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Cat #Lb.NLift AdjustmentBonnet ConnectBonnet Size(O.D.)Stem ConnectAnti-SpinLinkage Replaced
Q5001A100680355.93/4 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipNoQ618A1016, Q618A1032, Q618A1040, Q618A1014, Q601L, Ma
Q5001A1014160711.73/4 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipNoQ618A1008, Q618A1024, Q601J, Ka
Q5001A102232013553/4 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipNoQ601Qa
Q5001B1004160711.71-1/2 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipYesQ601Eb
Q5001B101232013551-1/2 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipYesQ601Pb
Q5001D1000 Tradeline80,160355.9- 711.73/4 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipYesQ601J, K, L, Ma Q618A
Q5001D1018 Tradeline160, 320711.7- 13553/4 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipYesQ601J, K, Q Q618A1008a, Q618A1024
Q5001D1026 Tradeline160, 320711.7- 13551-1/2 fixedSetscrew1-3/8Button and clipYesQ601E, Pb
TRADELINE MODELS AVAILABLE: Q5001D1000 Valve Linkage: 3/4 in. lift, 80/160 lb force.
Q5001D1018 Valve Linkage: 3/4 in. lift, 160/320 lb force.
Q5001D1026 Valve Linkage: 1-1/2 in. lift, 160/320 lb force.
TRADELINE FEATURES: • Selectable close-off force to meet application requirements.
• Special pack with Tradeline Cross Reference on label.

Q5001A,B Valve Linkage for Modutrol IV Motors.
(Can also be used with Modutrol III motors.)
LIFT: Selectable based on cam selection.
• Q5001A is shipped with 3/4 in. lift cam, part number 220861A.
• Q5001B is shipped with 1-1/2 in. lift cam, part
number 220867

TEMPERATURE RATINGS: -40° to 150° F [-40° to 66° C] ambient air temperature.
-40° to 337° F [-40° to 169° C] valve bonnet temperature.
MOTOR STROKE: 160 degree rotation, mechanically normally open or normally closed.
VALVE ACTION: Determined by motor rotation, cam orientation and valve type. Cam mounting option (up or down) allows proper control action with normally open or normally closed motors and valves.
WEIGHT: 6.2 pounds.

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