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Honeywell MP920 Pneumatic Damper Actuator

Pneumatic Damper Actuator

Provides proportional control of large dampers in HVAC systems or inlet vanes on a VAV fan. Positive positioner available separately. Replacement devices are available for Robertshaw actuator models.

• Rolling diaphragm operated.
• Fail safe on over pressure.
• Actuator can be swivel mounted from either end to pipe, floor, or wall surface.
• Optional positive positioner provides accurate positioning under varying load conditions.

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Cat #Includes(inch)(mm)(psi)(kPa)sq in.sq cm
MP920B1002Actuator only. No Bracket. Order positive positioner, mounting and connecting hardware separately. See Installation Instructions form no. 95-60536 in.150 mm7.25 psi to 13 psi50 kPa to 90 kPa24.8 sq in.160 sq cm
Actuator Type: Damper
Actuator Force: High
Fail Safe Mode: Spring Return
Air Connections: Barbed fitting for 1/4 in. O.D. plastic tubing
Temperature Range: 29 psi (200 kPa)

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