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Honeywell LP907 Airstream Insertion Pneumatic Thermostat

Airstream Insertion Pneumatic Thermostat

One-pipe, single setpoint, pneumatic thermostat used to provide proportional control of pneumatic valves and damper actuators in heating and air conditioning systems. Commonly used as discharge controllers for unit ventilators.

• Rod and tube insertion sensing element.
• Wide throttling range.
• Gage tee and tank valve facilitate checking line pressures.

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Cat #IncludesSetpointActionNumber of PipesSetpoint Temperature RangeCapacityThrottling Range (F)
LP907A1002Fittings for mounting on sheet metal duct. Order restrictor separatelySingleDirect Acting140 F to 140 FLow10 F to 70 F
LP907A1044Fittings for mounting on sheet metal duct. Order restrictor separately.SingleDirect Acting140 F to 140 FLow5 F to 35 F
Application Type: Low Limit controller
Dimensions, Approximate: 5 7/16 in. high x 1 1/16 in. wide x 2 1/4 in.
deep (138 mm high x 27 mm wide x 57 mm deep)
Airflow Usage: 0.011 scfm (5.2 mL/s)
Air Connections: Barb fittings 1/4 in. (6 mm) poly tubing
Mounting: Insertion with locknut on boss of insertion shank
Storage Temperature: 150 F maximum (66 C maximum)
Remote Bulb: Yes
Sensor Element: Invar rod and seamless brass tube, 18 3/4 in. (476 mm) long and 11/32 in. (9 mm) diameter
Maximum Operating Pressure: 25 psi (170 kPa)

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