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Honeywell HB546 In-line & Submersible pH Electrode

In-line & Submersible pH Electrode

The HB546 pH electrode offers a reliable combination of measuring and reference electrodes together with an integral automatic temperature compensator in a 1-piece corrosion resistant body (the body material is chosen by the customer). The HB546 pH electrodes with 3/4” NPT male connections are easily adapted for in-line mounting without O-rings or special seals. The electrodes are also available in Immersion and On-line mounting.

HB546 Electrode
• Uses Axial Ion Path reference technology
• One electrode for entire pH and temperature ranges.
• Suitable for in-line and submersion applications; may be mounted in any position
• Integral automatic temperature compensator
• Chemically resistant CPVC, Kynar or Polypropylene body
• User can specify following:
    • Body Material
    • O-Ring Material
    • Measuring Electrode
    • Tip Configuration
    • Thermocompensation
    • Insertion Depth
    • Cable Configuration
    • Lead Terminations
• Great for high temperature and high pressure applications
• Can be used in both low and high pH conditions
• Rugged, quick-change, quick-clean
• Compatible with most industrial transmitters and analyzers

Pressure and Temperature Rating CPVC & Polypropylene: 100 psig, 100°C
Kynar: 150 psig, 140°C
(High Pressure Insertion System: 300 psig)
Operating Range 0-14 pH
Mounting Threaded in-line: 3/4” MNPT threaded nose for installation into process, sample line or automatic cleaning system. Insertion depth user specifiable
Submerged: 3/4” MNPT threaded top for connection to 3/4” FNPT coupling and extension pipe
Ball-valve insertion: High-pressure insertion system, 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” full port valve
See Accessories in Module Selection Guide
Wetted Materials Kynar, CPVC, Polypropylene (Body Material Choices) Gr.2 Titanium, 316 SS, porous Teflon, Viton, EPDM, Kalrez, Nickel, Wood & Glass
Dimensions Dependent upon user specifications
Weight Approximately 0. 23 kg (0.5 lb)

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