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Honeywell H205 Enthalpy Controller

Enthalpy Controller

Basic enthalpy controller used with Honeywell legacy systems

• Senses total heat content (temperature and humidity) of outdoor air
• Mounts in any position in outdoor air duct.
• Controls amount of outside air brought into system with respect to total heat content (or enthalpy) of outside air.
• Combines temperature and humidity sensors into a single device.
• Nylon humidity sensor.
• Liquid-filled bulb temperature sensing element, mounted on back of control.

Dimensions, Approximate: 5 1/4 in. high x 3 1/16 in. wide x 1 3/16 in. deep (133.3 mm high x 79 mm wide x 30.2 mm deep)
Contact Ratings: Terminals 1 and 2: 50VA at 24Vac. Terminals 2 and 3:
100mA minimum to 250mA maximum at 24Vac.
Voltage: 24 Vac
Frequency: 50 Hz; 60 Hz
Operating Temperature Range: 53 F to 78F (12 C to 26 C)
Operating Humidity Range (% RH): 10 to 80% RH
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL Listed File: E4436, Guide: XAPX2

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