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Honeywell Fire & Smoke Actuators

Honeywell Fire & Smoke Actuators


Precise, reliable performance. Lasting value. Ease of installation. Everything you look for in direct coupled actuators hinges on quality. And quality engineering is what makes Honeywell’s complete line of actuators the top performers in the industry. Our global engineering team designs and tests our direct coupled actuators to exceed rigorous global standards — and to meet Honeywell’s own  demanding life testing.

  • Improve Installation Time
    • Self-centering shaft adapter provides mounting flexibility and greater clamping force.
    • Common wiring among families for every signal saves installation time.
  • Decrease Material Cost
    • Detachable access cover allows direct wiring without a junction box.
  • Reduce Inventory
    • Signal mode switch adapts models to twoposition, floating (tri-state), or modulating (proportional) applications.
  • Increase Control and Accuracy
    • More than 200 reposition steps for modulating models provide precise control.



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