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Honeywell DPR100 C/D 100mm Strip Chart Recorders

100mm Strip Chart Recorders
DPR100 C/D

The DPR 100 C and D recorders are designed to meet the recording needs for most recording applications. They provide clear and easy to understand charts, full chart documentation and a wide choice of ranges and actuations that allows the user to document the process and what has occurred.
The two versions are:
  DPR 100C: 1 to 3 continuous pen
  DPR 100D: 3 or 6 channel multipoint.

Their large bright display, together with their outstanding chart visibility and fluorescent illumination makes it easy to read and interpret from a considerable distance.

They are particularly suitable for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power generation, metals, environmental monitoring and food processing applications.

• 100 mm 4” chart width (DIN 16230).
• 0.1 % accuracy full scale (IEC 873) applicable on a very wide choice of actuations and of ranges.
• Each input span is adjustable within the selected range, with up to 2 ranges per channel.
• Universal input board (T/C, RTD, mV, mA).
• Alphanumeric display: 12 digits or bargraphs, adjustable brightness.
• Roll or fan fold chart.
• Fully documented chart with trace colour assignment, alarm trend in red, tagging, zooming, zoning, trend or tabular print outs, Messages for all inputs up to 500 mm/h.
• Up to 10 traces (6 analogue, 4 digital inputs) on the multipoint DPR 100D
• Permanent operation up to 50°C (120°F) with fanfold, 60°C (140°F) with chart roll.
• Full configurability thru: front keys and interactive program menu in 6 languages as standard, Optional: by Honeywell supplied PC software connected via the front jack, or by communication, with multilevel password security.
• 12 user configurable messages alarms or recorder events.
• 4 lines batch header automatically incremented and saved in case of power failure.
• Event precursor mode.
• Firmware upgrades via the front jack .
• Input calibration traceability (audit-trail).
• 12 alarm set points, assignable to any input, math result, comm signal.
• 2 configurable chart speeds, selectable via alarm, logic input, front keys and communication.
• Universal power supply 85 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz, 24 or 48 AC/DC
• IP 54 front protection (IEC 529).
• Compact dimensions:
     • 144 x 144mm x 245mm (5.67” x 5.67” x 9.7”)

• Up to 12 relay outputs assignable to (14 characters each).
• Up to 4 logic inputs.
• Mathematic packages, with the results saved in case of power failure. Math functions can be interconnected.
• 24 VDC transmitter power supply.
• Communication: ASCII, MODBUS RTU
• CSA approved. UL Listed.
• 2 Current output 4 to 20 mA option configurable on Analog Inputs, Maths or Communication.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3Table 4Table 5Table 6Table 7Table 8Table 9Table 10
DP1022 Pen Recorder
DP1011 Pen Recorder
DP1033 Pen Recorder
DM1033 Channel Recorder
DM1066 Channel Recorder
0 0 0None
X X XST Number (Consult Fort Washington)
Table 3Manuals
0Product Information on CD
EEnglish Operator Manual and Prompts
1English Product Manual
0Standard - Channel Difference, Square Root
1Math Package 1: Add, Multiply, Divide
2Math Package 2: Pack. 1 + Fo., Group Average, Totalizer, Gas/Liquid Mass Flow
3Math Package 3: Pack. 2 + Integ., Group Max, Min, Max-Min, Steam Flow Totalization, Energy Consumption
4Math Package 4: Pack. 3 + RH, 10X, Envelope, Timers, Carbon Potential
A100 to 240 Vac/dc 50 Hz Chart speed mm/hr
B100 to 240 Vac/dc 60 Hz Chart speed inch/hr
E24 Volt ac/dc 50 Hz Chart speed mm/hr
F24 Volt ac/dc 60 Hz Chart speed inch/hr
G48 Volt ac/dc 50 Hz Chart speed mm/hr
H48 Volt ac/dc 60 Hz Chart speed inch/hr
1Universal Communication Option RS422/485 Modbus RTU, RS422/485 ASCII, RS232/V24 ASCII (Modem)
22 4-20 mA Auxiliary Outputs
32 4-20 mA Auxiliary Outputs plus Universal Communications Option
Table 7Alarm Relays
C2 Alarm Output
B12 Alarm Output
A6 Alarm Output
B4 Remote Contact
A2 Remote Contacts
ZFan Fold
2Dark Gray Door, Plastic Window, Key Lock
1Dark Gray Door, Plastic Window with Latch
Technology: Microprocessor based, with non-volatile memory. Flash memory for software upgrade via the front jack.
Analogue inputs
DPR 100C pen recorder: 1, 2 or 3 continuous traces.
DPR 100D multipoint recorder:

3 or 6 channels.Inputs are scanned by solid state switches and are galvanically isolated (except for RTD sensor).

Signal source: Thermocouple with individual cold junction compensation.
Line resistance up to 1000 ohms T/C, mV, mA, V.
RTD Pt 100 3-wire connections, lead resistance per wire 40 ohms balanced.
Basic mathematics functions: Square Root extraction (√) Differential = (∆T).
Display: 12 digit fluorescent display: 8.5 mm (0.33") high (matrix display) configurable in:
- digital PV values with engineering unit in accordance with the input range
-1 or 2 bargraphs
Can display analogue input, Tags, math results, communication, alarms or event
Brightness: The display brightness is configurable.
Recording span
Scaling: Per input, up to 2 analogueue scales can be configured to be printed on the chart with the engineering unit channel reference and tag name, Each input can be configured differently.
Zoning: Each input can be configured on 0 to 100%, or 0 to 50%, or 50 to 100% of the chart.
Distance between pen: 2 mm (0.08") - Offset compensation configurable.
Chart Iength: Fan-fold 18m (59ft) (as DIN 16230)/ Roll 24m (79ft).
Chart speed: 1 or 2 chart speeds, fully configurable, selected by a logic input, alarm or configuration.
Speed 1: fully adjustable per step of 1 mm/h, within limit
Speed 2: fully adjustable per step of 1 mm/h, within limit
Speed setting: Pen: 1 to 6000 mm/h (0.04 to 240''/h), Mpt: 1 to 1500 mm/h (0,04 to 60''/h).
Continuous traces in color, dotted traces in configurable color with regular chart documentation (configurable).
Product configuration: 2 product configurations can be stored and selected by the front keys.
Front configuration: A very simple and interactive product configuration can be carried out on the product with 6 front keys. A friendly program with prompt messages confirms the operation. The prompt messages can be selected in different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Swedish, A 2-level password protects the unit from non-authorized modification (level 1 = limited access; level 2 = full protection).
PC configuration: Through the front jack the unit can be configured from a PC through a PC interface. This provides the facility to copy the configuration, modify, store, upload or download the product configuration or make a service diagnostic or upgrade a new software or Iinearize 2 special customer sensors (50 segments each).
Logic inputs
Up to 4 dry contact inputs (1.5 mA - 12 V DC).
Change chart speed 1 to speed 2, tab interval 1 to tab interval 2, digital print-out, print message, print inhibit, event trace, print a batch message, tabulate maths calculations.
Event marking:
Pen: Pen 1 used as operation marker on the right side of the chart for event 1 and on the left side of the chart for event 2. Mpt: 4 traces maximum on the chart. The trace position and the color are configurable.
Set-point: 12 alarm set-points, freely assignable to any channel and output relay Full configurability of set-point, hysteresis and alarm type (high, low, rate of change, deviation).
Function: Can trigger a message, print channel red in alarm, print in alarm, change the range, change the speed, print digital PV values, trigger the event precursor.
Output: 2, or 6, or 12 SPST relay outputs: 2 A, 250 V AC on resistive load. Contact N.C. in alarm condition (configurable in N.O.)
Alphanumeric documentation
Messages: 12 freely assignable and configurable messages of 14 characters each, including the specific letters used in GE & SW. Can be printed with the date/time on top of the traces by alarms, logic inputs or communication.
Batch header: One batch message of 4 lines of 14 characters, fully configurable, with incremented batch numbers and date/time. Printed through digital input and saved upon power interruption.
Process variable
Tag name:
The traces can be assigned to analogue input, mathematics calculations or communication inputs, and are printed in channel color. Periodic digital printing at intervals configurable from 60 to 480 mm (2.36" to 18.9"). Digital print-out of PV values through alarms, digital inputs, communication or front keyboard. Each channel can be
named by 8 characters.
Event precursor
Stand-by: The acquisition data is stored in a buffer memory (FiFo)
A stand-by message is periodically printed.
Downloading: On event (alarm, digital input, front key, communication) the data is downloaded to be printed on the chart at pre-configured speed. The history before and after the event represents about 50 mm of chart paper.
Mathematics package (optional): Many functions are available such as:
- Basic mathematics functions - Square root
- Fo sterilization - Totalization
- Mass flows - Energy consumption
- Vacuum pressure - Averages
- Min, max - Timers
- Carbon Potential
The maths calculations and results are stored during power interruptions.
Digital communication (optional)
Protocols: RS232 ASCII communication to PC application. RS422 or RS485 ASCII
Communication output. RS422 or RS485 Modbus RTU communication output.
PC Supervision: Communication output. RS422 or RS485 Modbus RTU communication output.
Through ASCII communication, application software gives the facility to read PVs, alarms or event status, to store the information on a file, to send a message to the recorder or to modify the product configuration.
Autodial: The RS232 ASCII communication can dial automatically a phone number of a remote station to send via Modem an Alarm message or a periodic Report.
Note: Dialing out via modem autodial can affect data over communications as it uses the same communications port.
Event: The recorder can be configured to deliver an output signal (alarm relay) on a recorder event such as burnout, paper cassette out, battery fail, alarm condition or communication interrupted.
Current output (optional): 2 Current output signals 4 to 20 mA. Configurable on - Analogue Inputs, Mathematics Calculations, or Communication Signals Base Load Resistor 400 ohms.
Power supply: 100 to 240 V AC/DC or 24 or 48 VAC/DC (+10-15% nominal)
To transmitters: 24 V, 50 mA typical, 75 mA maximum mA
Power consumption: 3 pens & Mpt: 55 VA max. (Active power 30w)
Clock timer
Format: Year, month, hour, minute can be set
Power interruption: Battery backed (10 years time, 3 years off power)
Accuracy: ±10 –5
Weight: Pen & Mpt: 3.5 kg (7.7lb)
Front face: 144 x 144 mm (5.67" x 5.67") according to DIN 43718
Depth: 245 mm /9.7" behind panel, including terminals and line protection cover
Front window: Polycarbonate
Front protection: IP 54 (IEC 529)
Lock: Latch or key (DIN 43832-N)
Construction: Silicon-free
Chart illumination: Fluorescent light
Option: Rear terminal cover, portable case
Mounting: Panel mounting ± 30° from horizontal.
Wiring: Rear screw terminals, Terminal modules plug onto the instrument boards.
Writing: 1 cartridge per pen, fiber tip, 1400 m (4593ft) of trace per color (blue, red, green)
Pen Multipoint: 1 print wheel, 6 colors, 250 m (820ft) of trace per color (purple, red, black, green, blue, brown)
Safety protection: Complies with EN61010-1 and UL 3121 for process control instrumentation.
Pollution Degree 2. Installation Category II
Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Humidity: 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
Temperature: -40 to +70°C (-40 to 158°F)
Humidity: 5 to 95% RH non-condensing

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