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Honeywell DL5000 Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Dissolved Oxygen Probe

The DL 5000 Dissolved Oxygen probe is based on a unique equilibrium probe technology. This patented equilibrium probe technology is based on the partial pressure of oxygen rather than the diffusion rate of oxygen through the probe membrane.

The materials of construction combined with this unique design result in a no internal- maintenance probe that is independent of process flow and fouling because the anode is not consumed. Bottom line—an accurate, reliable, maintenance-free, Dissolved Oxygen measurement requiring less recalibration.

The DL5000 is housed in either a stainless steel or PVC casing. It can be ordered as a remote probe to be used with the UDA2182 analytical Analyzer, or an integral / remote probe for use with Direct Line DL 424 or 425 transmitters. The remote DL5000 probe can be used with:
•UDA 2182 Analyzer to replace withdrawn 7020 series units
• DirectLine 424 or 425 sensor module in new installations.

• Unique equilibrium probe technology.
• ppm – mg/L and ppb μg/L Sensors.
• Unaffected by fouling or changes in sample flow
• Reduced maintenance costs - no periodic replacement of anode or electrolyte
• Heavy duty membrane – eliminates replacement requirements
• Rugged PVC or 316 stainless steel construction
• Immersion, insertion or flow –through mountings
• Process temperature measurement, display and re-transmission with UDA2182
• Immersion, In-line and Flow-through attachments available.
• Simple time and cost effective Air Calibration initiated by UDA2182 or DirectLine software.
• Probe Bias test and optimization with UDA 2182
• 20 foot (6.1m) or 100 foot (30.48m) analyzer to probe separation distance.
• Accessories for In-line and Flow-through applications
• Quick disconnect option for stainless steel probes.

Response Time 90% in 60 seconds (after probe warm-up).
Oxygen Consumption Negligible
Operating Temperature Range 2-60C (35.6-140F); must not freeze
Storage Temperature Range 2-60C (35.6-140F)
Maximum Flow 300 mL/min. with flow chamber; no dependence on stirring or flowrate
Maximum Pressure PVC: 207 kPa (30 psig)
SS: 345 kPa (50 psig)
Calibration Air and sample
Dimensions 219 mm x 34 mm OD (8.62” x 1.315” OD), 1” NPT pipe size
Weight PVC: 0.6 kg (1.24 lb)
SS: 1.5 kg (3.5 lb)
Probe Accuracy ppm: ±0.2 ppm at calibration conditions after stabilization
ppb: ±2 ppb or 5% of reading after stabilization, whichever is greater
Interferences Dissolved Hydrogen (present in boiler water reactor nuclear power plant samples) can cause significant negative interference in measurement. Honeywell DO probe is not recommended for these types of applications.
Approvals SS probe is manufactured to comply with ASME boiler and pressure vessel code Section 111, Div. 1, UG-101 CRN # 0F11607.5C
This CRN approval applies only to the SS probe.

Typical ppb applications include power plant and semi-conductor applications for corrosion detection or dearator efficiency. Typical ppm applications include aeration, effluent, stream and aqua culture monitoring for compliance and control.

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