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Honeywell C7927 Solid State Ultraviolet Flame Detector

Solid State Ultraviolet Flame Detector

The Solid State Ultraviolet Flame Detectors detect the ultraviolet radiation emitted by combustion flames. The flame detectors are used with Honeywell flame safeguard controls to provide flame supervision for gas, oil, or combination gas-oil burners.

• Properly installed the flame detectors are pressure rated for 5 psi.
• Flame detector is used with only the R7851B Flame Amplifier and the 7800 SERIES controls.
• Has an integral collar threaded (internal 1/2-14 NPSM) for mounting on a one-half inch sight pipe.

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Cat #CommentsUsed WithDescriptions
C7927A1016Detects ultraviolet radiation in flamesFlame Amplifiers: R7851BUltraviolet Flame Detector
Application: Gas, Oil, or combination burners-intermittent operation only (burner cycled at least once each 24 hours).
Mounting: 1/2 in NPT pipe mounting
NEMA Rating: NEMA 1
Electrical Connections: 2 NEC Class 1 leadwires
Ambient Temperature Range: -40F to +200F (-40 C to +93 C)
Canadian Standards Association: Report 158158
Factory Mutual: Approved: Report No. 3011020
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Component Recognized: File No. MP268

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