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Honeywell 5000TC Series Toroidal (Electrodeless) Conductivity Sensors

Toroidal (Electrodeless) Conductivity Sensors
5000TC Series

The Honeywell 5000TC sensors are specifically designed for the monitoring of conductivity, chemical concentration, or salinity in difficult applications where coating, fouling, corrosion, or high temperatures/ pressures are a concern. The sensor’s 1 ½” diameter bore minimizes rough surfaces to ensure that flow impedance is minimized. A 1000Ω Pt RTD provides accurate temperature measurement to ensure proper temperature compensation. Two types of basic sensor forms are available with the Honeywell 5000TC – the convertible or sanitary style.

Convertible Style 
The 5000TC convertible style toroidal sensor includes both a ¾” and a ½” fitting to allow direct fastening to the end of a pipe for either immersion mounting or a union-mount adapter for a standard 2” pipe tee. The convertible style can also be insertion mounted into a 2” ball valve assembly. Convertible sensors are available in PEEK, PVDF, PFA Teflon, and Polypropylene materials.

Sanitary Style 
The 5000TC sanitary style toroidal sensor includes a clean-in-place style fitting and is constructed of 3A-approved materials. It has an integral 2” sanitary-mount flange which mates to Honeywell sanitary tee mounting hardware. The sanitary-style sensor includes a special cap and EPDM compound gasket. The gasket is also available separately for mounting to a 2” sanitary clamp-type ferrule or butt-weld tee. Sanitary sensors are available in PVDF, PFA Teflon, and Polypropylene materials.

• Variety of material types to meet most application needs – PEEK, PFA Teflon®, PVDF, and Polypropylene.
• Increased cell reliability due to high chemical resistance and low friction factor in the materials of construction
• Flexibility of installations with four mounting types – Immersion, Unionmount, Insertion/Removal, and Sanitary
• Temperature-compensated measurement with Pt 1000 ohm RTD
• Convenient for most applications – 20 ft. cable standard
• 3A-approved materials of construction and clean-in-place fitting makes the sanitary type cells suitable for most sanitary applications.

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Table 1Table 2Table 3
5000TCToroidal (Electrodeless) Conductivity Probe
Table 2Mounting Material Type
11CPVC Pipe, PVC Junction Box 51451240-001
42CPVC Insertion/Removal Device 51451250-001
41316 SS Insertion/Removal Device 51451249-001
31316 SS Sanitary 2” Tee & Heavy-Duty Clamp 51451248-001
26PVDF Union Adapter Only 51451247-001
25PVDF Union Adapter & Standard 2” Tee 51451246-001
24CPVC Union Adapter Only 51451245-001
23CPVC Union Adapter & Standard 2” Tee 51451244-001
22316 SS Union Adapter Only 51451243-001
21316 SS Union Adapter & Standard 2” Tee 51451242-001
12PVDF Pipe, PVC Junction Box 51451241-001
Table 3Sensor Material Type
1Convertible Polypropylene Sensor 51451251-001
2Convertible PVDF Sensor 51451252-001
3Convertible PEEK Sensor 51451253-001
4Convertible PFA Teflon Sensor 51451254-001
5Sanitary Polypropylene Sensor 51500150-001
6Sanitary PVDF Sensor 51500151-001
7Sanitary PFA Teflon Sensor 51500152-001
Wetted Materials PFA Teflon, Polypropylene, PVDF, or PEEK
Operating Temperature Range 10 °C to 125 °C (14 °F to 257 °F)
Maximum Flow Rate 10 ft. (3 m) per second
Measuring Range 0.2 to 2000 milliSiemens/cm
Temperature Compensator Pt 1000 Ω RTD
Sensor Cable 5 conductor (plus two isolated shields) cable with XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) jacket;
rated to 150 °C (302 °F); 20 ft. (6 m) long
Bore Size 1.5" diameter, 0.4" hole
Pressure/Temperature Limits:
Sensor Only (no hardware) Polypropylene 100 psi at 212 °C (6.9 bar at 100 °C)
PVDF 100 psi at 248 °C (6.9 bar at 120 °C)
PEEK 200 psi at 302 °F (13.8 bar at 150 °C)
PFA Teflon 200 psi at 302 °F (13.8 bar at 150 °C)

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