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GE Pneumatic Module Pneumatic Module

Pneumatic Module
Pneumatic Module

This IC693MDL760 output module provides eleven pneumatic outputs and five 24 VDC sourcing outputs. For each pneumatic output, the module contains an internal 3-way solenoid-actuated valve and an associated output fitting, which is located on the front panel. When an output is turned ON, its internal valve connects a user supplied pressure source (100 psi maximum) to the output fitting. The pressure source is connected to the fitting on the bottom of the module. When the output is turned OFF, the valve’s output port is vented to atmosphere inside the module. Solenoid power is supplied from an external 24 VDC source to the “DC Outputs” connector on the front panel.

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Cat #Product Name
IC693MDL760Series 90-30 Solenoid Module

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