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GE Millivolt I/O Modules Millivolt I/O Module

Millivolt I/O Module
Millivolt I/O Modules

The Millivolt Input Modules allow millivolt level signals, such as bridged strain gages (load cells) to be directly connected to the PLC without external signal processing (transducers, transmitters, etc.) All analog and digital processing of the signal is
performed on the module.

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Cat #Product Name
IC695ALG600 MillivoltPACSystems RX3i Analog Input. Configurable per channel for Current, Voltage, RTD, Thermocouple and Resistive. High Density (8 Channel) Requires High Density Terminal Block (IC694TBB032 or IC694TBS032). Cold Junction Compensation are available for Thermocouple configurations (IC695ACC600 contains 2 CJCs)
HE693ADC409Analog I/O Module, Millivolt Input

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