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Emerson Analog I/O Modules (Input) Analog I/O Modules (Input)

Analog I/O Modules (Input)
Analog I/O Modules (Input)

GE Fanuc offers easy-to-use analog modules for PACSystems and Series 90-70, supporting a wide array of control processes. These modules come in various input and output voltages and currents suitable for many different applications including flow and pressure control.

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Cat #Product Name
IC693ALG220Analog Input, Voltage, 4 Channel
IC693ALG221Analog Input, Current, 4 Channel
IC693ALG222Analog Input, Voltage, High Density (16 Channel)
IC693ALG223Analog Input, Current, High Density (16 Channel)
HE693ADC405Isolated Analog Input Module, Voltage, 500 VAC, Isolation
HE693ADC410Isolated Analog Input Module, Voltage, 1500 VAC, Isolation
HE693ADC415Isolated Analog Input Module, Current, 500 VAC, Isolation
HE693ADC420Isolated Analog Input Module, Current, 1500 VAC, Isolation
HE693ADC816Analog Input Module, Voltage

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